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Have you looked in your pet’s mouth lately? Do it. You may be shocked to learn that your pet’s teeth are rotting away. As busy pet parents it’s easy to forget that your pet requires mouth hygiene just like you. When you open your pet’s mouth do you see brown spots, black spots, blood, holes in the teeth? Imagine if your teeth looked the same…you would probably be in a lot of pain, right? They are! Cavities, holes, decay, all feel the same for our pets as they do for us but it’s in their nature to hide pain from us. Imagine living your whole life with constant tooth aches, owie! It’s easy to say “Well, my pet doesn’t seem to be in any pain, she’s fine”. UH DUH! An animal in pain is easy prey, of course they’re going to hide it! You may be thinking “I give my pet so-and-so bones and treats, they’re suppose to clean teeth”. Sorry, but nope. There is no such thing as a “treat” that cleans teeth. No chew toy will either. It’s just a gimmick that pet food companies use to get you to buy their treats. The only way to truly clean their teeth is by brushing them the same way you brush yours, but NOT with human toothpaste. Never, ever use your human toothpaste on your pet, it’s toxic. Instead, you can use coconut oil or many pet stores carry all natural pet toothpaste. You can use a regular soft “human” toothbrush, the pet stores charge double for “pet toothbrushes”, it’s crazy. A waterpik is even better if you can get your pet to sit still for it! I realize that many of your pets wont sit still for teeth brushing but just like any other trick you teach them, use treats! Sure, feeding treats while brushing teeth is a little contradicting but after a few times you can start taking the treats away and just brush. Be patient, it might take a whole month before your pet starts to sit still for it but trust me, it’s worth it! Tooth decay can cause all sorts of health problems. Not only is dental disease super painful for your pets, but it causes all kinds of other health issues and even emotional issues. Your pet may act out or become depressed with tooth pain that won’t go away. When plaque builds up in your pet’s mouth her body will see the plaque as a foreign body and her immune system will attack. After a while your pet’s immune system weakens, when the immune system weakens the whole body weakens…bad news bears. You should be brushing your pet’s teeth twice a day. Start slow if you have to, just brush the front teeth and give her a treat with lots of praise. Brush a little more every day, before you know it she’ll be asking you to do it 🙂 Vet clinics and most groomers do teeth cleanings as well. If you’re new to the pet teeth cleaning game I suggest having a professional do a deep cleaning and then continue brushing them yourself every day. It’s just one more ultra easy, super cheap way to keep your pet healthy. Good luck!

*Don’t forget to hug your furbabies for me!

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