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I’d like to tell you a little about the benefits of eating coconut. I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about “super foods” lately. The term “super food” simply means nutrient-rich. It is a food that contains a higher amount of vitamins and minerals than other foods in the same category. Coconut products are most definitely super foods for both you and your pets. Pacific Islanders consider coconut oil to be “the cure for all illnesses”. The Omegas, vitamins and minerals in coconut are known to treat a huge variety of health problems for humans and animals. Even serious health issues like measles, hepatitis C, aids, diabetes, cancer, the list goes on and on! It’s great for the immune system, improves digestion and metabolism, it even heals cuts and scrapes. Coconut oil should always be in your home. I use coconut oil for myself and my dog Macy every single day. I personally use it as a facial moisturizer every night, and I noticed a difference in my skin the first day I used it. It really helps with fine lines, redness, acne scarring, you name it. My furbaby Macy gets a teaspoon every night right before bed just for health maintenance. She loves her coconut and so does her body, her immune system is like no other! So, go out and get yourself some organic coconut oil! Almost every food store carries it including Walmart and Pick N Save.
For your dogs I would give 1 teaspoon per 30 pounds of body weight per day. For cats I would give 1/4 teaspoon/10 lbs. You can give it to them straight out of the jar, add it to their food or melt it and put it in their water. For finicky cats try rubbing some on their paws before or after meals, they’ll lick it off and get it that way. If your pet isn’t currently familiar with coconut oil make sure you introduce it gradually. Start with a 1/4 tsp/30 lbs the first week, then 1/2 tsp/30 lbs the 2nd week, and so on. You can also use it to heal hot spots, sore paws, rough pads, cuts, scrapes, sore muscles, pretty much anything! Be sure to cover any wounds coated with coconut oil with a wrap because dogs LOVE the taste and will just lick it off. I know you all will just love using coconut oil as much as Macy and I do!

Raise your teaspoons to healthy pets, cheers!

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