Stinky Pets

by companion on October 28, 2015 in Blog

Does your furbaby stink? There’s a reason, a few actually. Your furry pal’s skin is a reflection of their internal organs. Rot smelling skin most likely = rotting organs due to lack of proper nutrition. Many people think that animals stink because “they are animals and they just stink”. Those people are dead wrong…sorry i’m not sorry lol. A bath or scented spray are not going to fix what’s happening on the inside, only mask it for a few moments. The first thing you should do is change your pet’s diet. I’ll say it again and again – order a meal plan from me or start using an all natural wet pet food, it will solve so many issues with your pets. Another idea is detoxing. Chlorophyll and Spirulina are great for detoxing and boosting the immune system. You can easily find a detox containing both online. Many people attempt a detox and wonder why it’s not working. You have to be patient, your pet’s body cant rid itself of years worth of toxins after only a week. You have to stick to it and dont give up. Another reason it may not be working for some people is lack of bathing. When your pet is detoxing, the chemicals and toxins try to escape through the skin and paws and if you dont wash it away it will sit and fester and reenter their body. During a detox, frequent bathing is a must. You don’t even really need soap to wash away the icky stuff. You can even create a simple bathing mixture yourself! If you want to spritz them with a scented spray use a mixture of Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, water, and lavender oil. Yeast on the skin causes a certain stink and the Apple cider vinegar will help to balance the PH levels and remove unnecessary yeast. The mixture is also great as a bug repellent. The Omega’s are another important piece of the puzzle. I’m willing to bet the food you are feeding your pets doesn’t contain nearly enough fatty acids to keep their skin and coat at optimum health. You can easily get a fatty acid supplement online and in most pet stores, just make sure it’s an all natural one with no added chemicals or weird ingredients you can’t pronounce! Just one more thing, if the stink is sort of fishy and coming from the butt it’s most likely an anal gland issue. While this is more common in small dogs, some large dogs can most definitely have problems too. If you smell the gross fish stink your dog probably needs his anal glands expressed. If you wait too long the glands can explode causing a serious amount of pain for your pup, and a nasty mess for you!

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