Vinyl toys

by companion on October 5, 2015 in Blog

There are so many options to pick from when it comes to pet toys. There is one kind in particular that I think you should stay away from. Vinyl. It’s a cheap plastic that can be found in many many products. In order to make vinyl soft and flexible the manufacturers insert additives like lead, organotin (also used to kill insects and rodents), alkylphenols, phthalates, and bisphenol-A. The 6 types of phthalates found in vinyl have been banned in Europe because it made too many children sick. It seems many of the bad things we have in the U.S. are banned in Europe, why aren’t we banning these things that are making us all sick?! Ugh. When your pets are exposed to vinyl all of the nasty chemicals start moving around in their bodies causing toxicity, damage to the reproductive system, the digestive system, the liver and kidneys. It’s best to just stay away from vinyl completely, it’s just one more easy thing you can do to prolong your pet’s health and life. If you are not sure whether the toy you want to buy is vinyl or not, you can check the label for content descriptions. Check for vinyl, pvc, recycling symbol with #3 pvc or #v.

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