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You came to this site because you’re a cool person in search of cool treats, right? We totally get that and you came to the right place! We don’t mess with the fluff and the ribbons, we just want to provide our favorite kind of people (that’s you) with simple, nutritious pet treat options that you can feel confident about. 

So what makes our treats so


They’re grain free, limited ingredient, human grade, all natural, USA made in small batches, and extra crunchy because let’s face it Fido’s teeth could use a little plaque scraping, am i right?! AND We promise never to use any gross sh*t like by-products, preservatives or artificial colors and flavorings. We know you’re total over that garbage and we’re so much cooler than that! Plus, our treats are vegetarian and that means you can safely handle our treats without the threat of salmonella on your fingers!

Wondering about those sweet rewards?

Your dog gets super tasty treats, duh! 

You get peace of mind knowing you’re feeding your dog something nutritious and what’s better than that?!

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Our shipping costs are based on a percentage and not on weight which saves you big bucks and the more you buy the more you save!

$1 from every sale goes straight to local animal shelters. Look at you supporting 2 local businesses at once, you overachiever.

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