About Us

Hello, and thank you for visiting Companion Cuisine LLC! My name is Heather.

I consider myself a small town girl with a big city passion, a passion for animals! I love animals so much that I spent the last several years studying how to protect, treat, and extend their lives with proper nutrition. In 2011 I received my certification as a Holistic Chef for Animals. I am insured as well as state and county licensed to serve your pets as a holistic chef, treat provider and pet sitter. I did this because growing up with animals and watching them become sick and pass away way too soon was devastating for me and I knew deep down that something could have been done to prevent it. I’ve always had a deep compassionate connection with animals and I am excited to share all of my knowledge, dedication, and passion with the world. Let me help you help your beloved pet to live a long, healthy life!

Did you know that dog’s were meant to live into their 20’s? So why does the majority of the world believe that a 10 year old dog is a “senior”? We were all raised to believe that dry kibble is the best thing for our furry friends, but after years of studies and research it has become evident that dry kibble is the worst thing to feed our pets, it’s actually slowly killing our pets and cutting their precious lives in half! I’m here to help you understand the true natural needs of our pets. Let’s all work together to make the world a healthier, safer place for our fur babies.