Holistic Meal Plans

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Did you know that some commercial kibble contains road kill, dead zoo animals, diseased livestock, dead on arrival poultry , and even euthanized pets from shelters! No wonder our pets are sick all the time! Our dogs’ and cats’ ancestors ripped apart their prey. Our pets still have those same sharp teeth that their ancestors had for a reason. Keeping your pets healthy means giving them what they were intended to have – real meat and real veggies! With the meal plans I create you can be assured that your pet is getting proper nutrition and you get the piece of mind of knowing what goes in to every bite.

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By-product-Non-rendered parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. Examples are blood, collagen, gelatin, animal fetus, lanolin, poultry litter, manure.

Meal/Meat- Examples are blood, hair, hoofs, horns, hide, beaks, stomach contents.

Corn/Corn meal/Rice- These are only fillers in pet food, making it cheaper for manufacturers to make but harmful to our pets. Our pets were never meant to eat corn or rice therefore their bodies cannot properly digest them. Corn and rice are carbs with a high glycemic index which significantly raises the blood sugar levels creating negative long term effects on the metabolism.


Have you heard about all the recalls lately? Sadly, dogs and cats are becoming sick and even dying just from eating kibble. Was your pet affected? Will your pet be affected in the future? By the time a recall becomes public, it’s usually too late. Why take the chance?

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