Love Always Wins

Love Always Wins

Well here it is, Christmas. A time of joy, happiness, togetherness, and giving. This newsletter is not so much about pet health but its about you. It’s about me. It’s about the right to be selfish sometimes, even during the holidays. Stick with me here! The holidays can be joyous, yes! But the holidays can also be sad for a lot of us, probably most of us. Be selfish, take a moment to think about yourself even if just for a little bit, you have to. You have to get to the point where you can be “okay” by yourself in order to be “okay” around your family and friends especially during this time of year.

We all suffered losses this year, losses in many different ways. Not only death, but also stress, disease, fear, so many things can be thrown into the “loss” category. We all handle those losses differently. Some of us hide it completely, some of us get all weird and laugh it off, some of us cry in the shower, some of us are damn proud of our ugly cry face and won’t hesitate to show it to the world! We think about what this time would be like with a certain person, a pet, a place or a thing and that’s okay, every single person around you is feeling the same way about someone or something or somewhere. Even close family members might be thinking about or silently grieving about something you know nothing about. That is why you and I need to be selfish. We need to be selfish in whatever way we choose for just a moment so that we can properly be present and giving to those who are still here with us because in reality the health, the places, the people and the pets who are here this Christmas might not be here next Christmas.

Hop in your car, blast Sarah McLaughlin and cry your face off. Get in the bathroom, lock the door, hop in the shower and let the tears flow. Make yourself a tall drink, throw on a jacket and take your butt outside to show your ugly cry face to the snow covered trees. And afterwards, wipe off your face, stand tall and remember that someone you love is doing that exact thing somewhere else.. By taking your selfish moment and releasing your sadness or anger, you will have made room for love. You are able to give more love. And love will always win. Tell someone you love them, heck tell everyone you love them! (Oh my gosh, I sounded just like my mom there lol, hi mom!) Sometimes saying “I love you” (even to a stranger) is all someone needs to hear to feel happiness during this time of year. Can you imagine it… if everyone you walked by in a store or on the street said “I love you”? What a wonderful world that would be.

I love you all. Most of you I have never even met but that’s okay, I love you. I can say that because I’ve had my selfish moment…and my tall drink 😉

P.S. Make sure Santa puts a few presents under the tree for your furry babies, they really do appreciate it!

Merry Christmas Everyone! XOXO