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You’ll notice that some of these pet foods are “Natural”. Scary isn’t it? You go to the pet store thinking “I’m such a great furbaby parent for buying this All Natural food for my fur babies, and then you go home and see on the news that the brand you just bought has been recalled because of salmonella. In the pet food industry “Natural” can mean a lot of things or it can mean nothing at all. The FDA kinda sucks at regulating pet food. They only tell you about something bad in the food if a dog or cat has already gotten sick or died from eating it. What if next time your pet is the one who gets sick or passes away? Tough to think about, isnt it?

Pssst, Let me tell you a little secret…You can avoid becoming a victim of pet food recalls by simply making your own pet food! In case you didn’t know, I went to college to learn about animal nutrition. I even have a fancy certificate that says I am a Holistic Chef for Animals, and I’m darn proud of it! So, making your own pet food…sounds difficult, time consuming, and expensive right? Wrong! I hear it every day from people but the truth is it only takes a little bit of will power and a lot of love for your pets. The best part, I’ll create the meal plan for you, along with a rotation calendar and transition schedule. All you have to do is throw it all together in a dish! Well that takes care of the “difficult” part. On to “Time consuming”. Yes, it’s more work than buying a bag of junk pet food and dumping it in a bowl, but It doesnt have to be like climbing a mountain. I spend 1 or 2 hours a week making my Macy’s food. Yep, that’s it! I usually do it one night while I’m making dinner. If you make big batches at a time, you can easily separate it into containers and freeze them. Make enough for a whole month if you want!

It seems the biggest concern is cost. Many of you say you think of your dog or cat as your baby. Would you deprive a human baby of nutrient rich food because it’s a little more expensive? See where I’m going with this? Better health = less or no expensive visits to the vet! Let’s face it, going to the vet not only sucks but it’s expensive!! They charge an office visit fee, an exam fee, bloodwork fee, xray fee, a fee because you looked at them weird…ok maybe not that last one but the point is you’re broke by the time you leave. Aside from that there are ways to get food for less. Buy in bulk, grow a garden, hit the sales, go hunting, ask your friends for any food that got freezer burned. You’d be surprised by how much meat people throw away! (A little freezer burn is fine, but never give your pets moldy food!) Just recently I asked the butcher at Pick N Save if I could buy the meat trimmings that they would normally throw away. He gave me 2 lbs for FREE!

Feeding your pet a healthy, balanced, chemical free diet will help them to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling life. Don’t you want that for everyone you love?!

Note – It takes careful planning and professional knowledge to put together an effective meal plan. Your pets need specific amounts of vitamins and minerals, calories, protein, etc… please dont google homemade pet food. Most of the people posting those recipes have not been properly educated and using them could be dangerous and harmful to your pet’s health. Get this, about 2 years ago I walked into a vet clinic and noticed a recipe book for pets for sale on the counter. I skimmed through it and saw that most of the recipes contain rice and onions. Well, rice has no nutritional value and onions are toxic!! I asked the receptionist if she knew the author or if the vet actually looked through the book. She replied “No, we just thought it would be a fun thing for our clients”. Really! Since when is putting toxins in your loved ones “fun”??